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The EFC Bookshop will NOT pass any of your details to any other companies, all of your data is protected



Our website uses cookies within Google analytics only. It tracks orders and pages visited and parts of the world that visit our site. This together with search word data is valuable and helps to keep the profile of The EFC Bookshop high in the internet world. Please be absolutely assured that no personal data is visible or gathered whilst you are visiting our site. Your details only become known when you place a physical order. Those details are then encrypted and passed to us for decoding. At no time are your details in the public domain.

By visiting our website, with your browser settings set to accept cookies, you agree that we can store these cookies on our system. This means you are not then counted as a new visitor each time you re-visit our site. You can of course easily delete these cookies when you do in house maintainance on your internet files and temporary internet folders.