This Fight is Our Fight : The Battle to Save Working People by Elizabeth Warren

9780008254575 William Collins
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Nevertheless, she persisted' has become a rallying cry for millions of those fed up with phony promises and governments that no longer serve their people. In this inspiring #1 New York Times bestseller and inspiring book, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren argues for a fair future for ordinary working people.

Join the fight! In this passionate book, one of America's leading progressive voices empowers those who wish for a fairer society. This Fight Is Our Fight lays out the many wrongs Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren seeks to right and builds on her meme, `Nevertheless, she persisted', which spread across the world as a rallying cry for the millions who wish to fight back. From Roosevelt's New Deal through to President Trump's phoney promises, this is a sharp critique of how big corporations and financial institutions overpowered the interests of poor, lower-income and middle-class people.

Writing in her trademark candid, high-spirited voice, Warren delivers a rousing call to action, outlining how government can better serve the people who now face an uncertain future. A must read for those who want a more inclusive society.