Pennant All Books

A Military Miscellany by Jeremy Archer

9781909653344 Elliot and Thompson

Royal Air Force Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War 1939-40 by W R Chorley

9781906537401 Ian Allan

British Warships & Auxiliaries 2014/15 by Steve Bush

9781904459552 Maritime Books

Loch Class Frigates by Patrick Boniface

9781904459545 Maritime Books

On The Run Deserters Through the Ages by Graeme Kent

9781849545709 Biteback

Voices from the Holocaust by Jon E Lewis

9781849017237 Robinson Publishing

Year Zero A History of 1945 by Ian Buruma

9781848879362 Atlantic Books

Wings by Patrick Bishop

9781848878921 Atlantic Books

Churchill's Secret Defence Army Resisting the Nazi Invader by Arthur Ward

9781848848085 Pen and Sword

Flying Scot : An Airman's Story by Alistair Mackie

9781848847569 Pen and Sword

Afghanistan Revealed : Beyond the Headlines by Caroline Richards

9781848327542 Pen and Sword

Secret Days: Codebreaking in Bletchley Park by Asa Briggs

9781848326156 Frontline Books

Hess, Hitler and Churchill by Peter Padfield

9781848316614 Icon Books

Steaming to Victory : How Britain's Railways Won the War by Michael Williams

9781848093140 Preface Publishing

Wounded From Battlefield to Blighty, 1914-1918 by Emily Mayhew

9781847922618 Bodley Head

Noble Endeavours by Miranda Seymour

9781847378255 Simon and Schuster

Priscilla : The Hidden Life of an Englishwoman in Wartime France by Nicholas Shakespeare

9781846554834 Vintage

Scapegoat by Steve R Dunn

9781846249716 Bookguild

A South American War by Jeremy Brown

9781846249235 Book Guild

Black-out Book by Evelyn August

9781846039232 Osprey

Secret Life of Bletchley Park by Sinclair Mckay

9781845136338 Aurum Press

Mapping the First World War by Simon Forty

9781844862184 Anova Books

A History of Political Scandals by Andy Hughes

9781844680894 Pen and Sword

Harrier The Biography by Jonathan Glancey

9781843548911 Atlantic

Rosies War by Rosemary Say

9781843179627 Michael O'Mara

Wojtek the Bear by Aileen Orr

978184310577 Birlinn

Tommy, First World War Soldier by Chris McNab

9781841653693 Pitkin Publishing

Coal Sacks for Curtains : Based on a true story by Joni Powling

9781783061983 Troubador

Achievement: The Righting of a Great Wrong, 1914 to 1918 : A Commentary in Too Many Words by Ian W Hall

9781783060948 Matador

Breach of Promise to Marry by Denise Bates

9781783030361 Pen and Sword

General's Game Book by Dare Wilson

9781783030057 Pen and Sword

Scourge of Soho by Dick Kirby

9781781593509 Pen and Sword

Beatrix Potter : Her Inner World by Andrew Norman

9781781591918 Pen and Sword

Of Those We Loved by I L Read

9781781591017 Pan and Sword

A Simple Sailor - A Lifetime at Sea by Mike Reeder

9781781486511 Grosvenor House Publishing

Lost World of Bletchley Park by Andrew Sinclair

9781781311912 Aurum

Secret Listeners : The Men and Women Posted Across the World to Intercept the German Codes for Bletchley Park by Sinclair McKay

9781781310793 Aurum Press

The First World War in 100 Objects by Gary Sheffield

9781780973968 Carlton Books

Official Dambusters Experience by John Sweetman

9781780972725 Carlton Books

Handguns : The Definitive Guide to Pistols and Revolvers by John Walter

9781780879130 Quercus

It's All About Treo by David Heyhoe

9781780873992 Quercus

Fred's War A Doctor in the Trenches by Andrew Davidson

9781780721811 Short Books

Bully Beef and Boiled Sweets British Military Grub Since 1707 by James Mannion

9781780336060 Constable and Robinson

Military Blunders by Saul David

9781780334936 Constable

Human Game by Simon Read

9781472112620 Constable

Boy on the Wooden Box by Leon Leyson

9781471119682 Simon and Schuster

Spitfire Pilot by Roger Hall DFC

9781445616841 Amberley

How the Spitfire Won the Battle of Britain by Sarkar Dilip

9781445615042 Amberley

A Tommy at Ypres by Doreen Priddey

9781445613680 Amberley

Churchill's School for Saboteurs : Station 17 by Bernard O'Connor

9781445611549 Amberley

Radar by David Zimmerman

9781445608594 Amberley

Churchill's Most Secret Airfield by Bernard O'Connor

9781445606903 Amberley

After Auschwitz by Eva Schloss

9781444760712 Hodder and Stoughton

Fighting on the Home Front : The Legacy of Women in World War One by Kate Adie

9781444759679 Hodder

She Landed By Moonlight bt Carole Seymour Jones

9781444724622 Hodder and Stoughton

Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz by Denis Avey

9781444714197 Hodder & Stoughton

Caribbee by Julian Stockwinl

9781444712049 Hodder

617 Going to War with Today's Dambusters by Tim Bouquet

9781409129882 Orion

As Green as Grass by Emma Smith

9781408835630 Bloomsbury

Let Me Tell You a Story A Memoir of a Wartime Childhood by Renata Calverley

9781408834527 Bloomsbury

Quick and the Dead by Richard Van Emden

9781408822456 Bloomsbury

Meeting the Enemy by Richard Van Emden

9781408821640 Bloomsbury

GI Bride by Iris Simantel Jones

9781405912648 Penguin


Investor's Paradox by Brian Portnoy

9781137278487 Palgrave Macmillan

Englanders and Huns by James Hawes

9780857205285 Simon and Schuster

George Cross Heroes by Michael Ashcroft

9780755360840 Headline Review

Special Forces Heroes by Michael Ashcroft

9780755318087 Headline Review

Victoria Cross Heroes by Michael Ashcroft

9780755316335 Headline Review

Moon Over Malaya by Jonathan Moffat & Audrey Holmes McCormick

9780752499727 History Press

Butcher of Poland by Garry O'Connor

9780752498133 Spellmount

Rudolf Hess : A New Technical Analysis of the Hess Flight, May 1941 by John Harris

9780752497082 Spellmount

Great War Fashion by Lucy Adlington

9780752493480 History Press

Defending Cambridgeshire by Mike Osborne

9780752493305 History Press

Warriors of the Queen by William Wright

9780752493176 History Press

Oceans Apart by Penny Starns

9780752490113 History Press

Lifeboat Baronet by Janet Gleeson

9780752490014 History Press

Britain's Band of Brothers by Tom Keene

9780752489902 History Press

Wellington and Waterloo by R E Foster

9780752488776 History Press

Jungle Journal : Prisoners of the Japanese in Java 1942-1945 by Frank Williams

9780752487212 History Press

Medieval Pirates by Jill Eddison

9780752481036 History Press Ltd

Sculthorpe by Peter Gunn

9780752476834 History Press
war dog

War Dog by Damien Lewis

9780751552751 Sphere

Sea Devils by John Swinefield

9780750953566 History Press

The Fallen by John Garfield

9780750952040 History Press

Hitlers Furies by Wendy Lower

9780701187217 Chatto and Windus

Hundred Days : The End of the Great War by Nick Lloyd

9780670920068 Penguin

Great Britain's Great War by Jeremy Paxman

9780670919611 Viking

1914: Fight the Good Fight by Allan Mallison

9780593067604 Bantam Press

West End Front by Matthew Sweet

9780571234783 Faber and Faber


Flappers Women of a Dangerous Generation by Judith Mackrell

9780330529525 Macmillan



Bomber Boys The Ruhr, the Dambusters and Bloody Berlin by Kevin Wilson

9780304367245 Phoenix

Enigma Battle for the Code by Hugh Sebag Montefiore

9780304366620 Weidenfeld Military

Letters to the Midwife by Jennifer Worth

9780297869085 Weidenfeld & Nicolson

Uncle Bill by Russell Miller

9780297865841 Weidenfeld & Nicolson

War Behind the Wire by John Lewis Stempel

9780297608080 Weidenfeld & Nicolson

Secret Ministry of Ag. & Fish by Noreen Riols

9780230770904 Macmillan

What Soldiers Do Sex and the American GI in World War II France by Mary Louise Roberts

9780226923093 University of Chicago Press

Roar of the Lion by Richard Toye

9780199642526 Oxford University Press

Liberator by Alex Kershaw

9780099568797 Hutchinson

War on Our Doorstep by Harriet Salisbury

9780091941505 Ebury



Sisters by Barbara Mortimer

9780091931742 Hutchinson

Catastrophe Europe Goes to War 1914 by Max Hastings

9780007519743 Harper Press

GI Brides by Duncan Barrett and Nuala Calvi

9780007501441 Harper Collins

Sisters Secrets and Sacrifice by Susan Ottaway

9780007493050 Harper

All Hell Let Loose by Sir Max Hastings

9780007450725 Harper Collins

Sugar Girls by Duncan Barrett

9780007448470 Collins

Deserter by Charles Glass

9780007345922 Harper Press

Operation Neptune by David Wragg

/ 9780752489223 History Press

Churchill's First War by Con Coughlin


Living in the Slipstream

9781909716247 Bookguild

'Strafer' - The Desert General by N S Nash

9781781590904 Pen and Sword

Sherlock Holmes and The Mystery of Einstein's Daughter by Tim Holmes

9781780925721 MX Publishing

Bonzo's War by Clare Campbell

9781472106803 Constable

1914 Fight The Good Fight by Allan Mallinson

9780857500595 Bantam Press

Manchester at War : The People's Story by Graham Pythian

9780752491028 History Press

Hundred Days : The End of the Great War by Nick Lloyd

9780670920068 Viking

Helga's Diary A Young Girl's Account of Life in a Concentration Camp by Helga Weiss

9780241959503 Viking

Green and Pleasant Land How England's Gardeners Fought the Second World War by Ursula Buchan

9780099558668 Hutchinson

Bomb Girls by Jacky Hyams

9781782197546 John Blake

Cruel Crossing by Edward Stourton

9780552777896 Doubleday