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Little Book Mini New Revised Edition £7.99Yorkshire in Photographs £15.99 Offer price £13.99Carnivorous Plants £16.00 (RRP £18.00)Cable Left, Cable Right £9.99 (RRP £11.99)Petal Leaf Seed £16.99 Offer Price £15.50Plant Lover's Guide to Hardy Geraniums £17.99 Offer Price £15.99Plant Lovers Guide to Clematis £17.99 Offer price £15.99Plant Lovers Guide to Primulas £17.99 Offer price £15.99Plant Lovers Guide to Sedums £17.99 Offer price £15.99Plant Lovers Guide to Dahlias £17.99 Offer price £15.99Floribunda £14.95 Offer price £13.50Outdoor Furniture £12.99Plant Lovers Guide to Magnolias £17.99 Offer price £15.99Plants Beds Borders £16.99 Offer price £15.50A Brush with Brown £25.00Gardens of Awe and Folly £18.99Art of Gardening £25.00 Offer price £22.50 with free UK DeliveryAromatherapy Garden £17.99 Offer price £15.99 Published June 2016The Creative Shrub Garden : Eye-Catching Combinations That Make Shrubs the Stars of Your Garden RRP £20.00 Offer price £18.00Skirt-a-day Sewing : Create 28 Skirts for a Unique Look Everyday Offer Price £11.99Container Theme Gardens £14.99 Offer price £12.99Crochet Taxidermy £10.99 Offer price £9.99 Published August 2016Blooms Best Perennials and Grasses £20.00 Offer price £18.00Homebrewer's Garden £11.99 Offer price £9.99Plant Lovers Guide to Dahlias £17.99 Offer price £15.99Indestructible Houseplant RRP £15.00 Offer price £13.00Therapeutic Gardens : Design for Healing Spaces RRP £30.00 Offer price £25.00Natural World of Winnie the Pooh  £15.00 (Offer price £13.00)Hellebores : A Comprehensive Guide £25.00 Offer price £22.50

Color the Natural World by Zoe Keller £8.99Designing and Planting a Woodland Garden £25.00 Offer price £18.75Woodland Homestead £14.99 Offer price £11.99Plant Lover's Guide to Ferns £17.99 Offer price £15.99All Points Patchwork £14.99 Offer price £12.99

Increase Decrease £11.99 Offer price £10.99Knowledgeable Knitter £17.99 Offer price £15.99Knitting Answer Book £10.99 Connect the Shapes Crochet Motifs £14.99 Offer price £12.99Knit your Socks on Straight £11.99 Offer price £10.00